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Metalworking Industry

Solutions for the metalworking industry, mainly in the production area of the industry with lubricants of the highest quality and collaborating with a leading brand in the sector. We offer a wide range of innovative products that extends the working solution useful life, increases productivity and reduces production costs.

  • Soluble and cutting oils.
  • Synthetic and semi-synthetic fluids.
  • Lubricants for die cutting.
  • Conventional and fire resistant hydraulic fluids.
  • Gear greases

Water soluble machining fluids

  • RD CORT soluble fluids

    We offer a gamma of soluble fluids with formulations ranging from products for general applications to medium and heavy duty products, suitable for a wide variety of machining and grinding operations of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

    These fluids are:

    • Effective and easy maintenance.
    • Resistant to biological growth.
    • Excellent inter-operational corrosion protection.
    • Excellent acceptance by operators.
    • Recyclable.
    • Easily treatable and minimal discard.

  • Synthetic Fluids RD CORT SI

    Fully synthetic machining fluids, completely free of mineral oils and that provide numerous benefits in their continuous use.

    These fluids are:

    • Non aggressive to the environment nor to the health of the operators.
    • Maximum rejection of Tramp-oil promoting long life.
    • Low tendency to foam.
    • Recyclable.
    • Maximum Cooling Capacity.

  • Bio-Stable Synthetic Fluids Vegetable Base, Ester Base. RD BIO and RD ECO

    These bio-stable soluble fluids consist of a line of products formulated with a small particle size distribution, perfectly emulsified in an aqueous solution. For many years we have researched, refined and perfected this technology. The result was the development of a series of highly versatile products with outstanding performance in machining operations in general.

    These are fluids totally free of bactericides and fungicides, newest cutting edge technology resulting in the latest generation of fluids offering the following benefits.

    • Suitable for working with most alloys in most machining, grinding and brushing operations with high and low Carbon steels, steel alloys, stainless steels, Copper and its alloys, aluminum and its low or high alloys Silicon and, mainly, the alloys of the Aerospace Industry and other types of Non-Ferrous metals.
    • Maximum lubricating and cooling capacity.
    • Resistant to Biological and Bio-Stable growth in use.
    • Fight unpleasant odors from fluid deterioration.
    • Exempt from Chlorine, Phenols, Formol donors and other controlled substances.
    • Environmentally friendly and not aggressive to the health of the operators.
    • Conform to the Local, European and American Legislation in relation to the care of the Environment, Health and Safety of the Users.
    • Very effective in use and very little maintenance in service.
    • In general they are not discarded, being 100% recyclable products."

Mineral oils for machining

  • Oils for cutting RD CUT

    The RD CUT line consists of neat cutting oils that offer superior performance, where the requirements on machining fluid cannot be met through the use of a water-soluble fluid.

    They are mineral based machining oils that provide advantages in use, such as:

    • Superior lubrication for any type of mild, medium or severe machining operation in any type of ferrous or non-ferrous metal alloy.
    • Tool life increased by reducing wear.
    • Low mist formation, promoting a healthier and safer environment for operators.
    • Better acceptance by operators, with low odor and safe for operators skin.
    • Technology with formulations totally free of chlorine or other additives controlled by legislation.
    • Recyclable."

  • Oils for grinding RD CUT YM

    The neat RD CUT grinding oils are specific and recommended for work in any type of high speed grinding. We have the experience and technology in the formulations of this type of product, capable of meeting the requirements of all original machine manufacturers, providing lubricants that meet or exceed their rigorous performance, cleaning and roughness requirements of the machined parts.

    RD CUT YM products are formulated with selected and high quality basic oils, with low Carbon content of the Aromatic type, offering the following advantages in their use:

    • Reduction in mist formation, providing a cleaner, safer and healthier working environment for operators.
    • Increased heat removal power, even operating at maximum speeds in the grinding operation, avoiding overheating.
    • Excellent surface finish.
    • High acceptance by operators.
    • Excellent filterability.
    • Recyclable.
    • High detergency.
    • Reduction of changes and tooling planning.
    • Improvement in cleaning tools.
    • Improvement in productivity.

  • Degreasers RD CLEAN and RD KLEEN

    The degreasers supplied by R&D Lubricants offer the flexibility and versatility of high performance products. Each degreaser is developed and formulated with special ingredients to meet all cleaning requirements in processes in the mechanical and metalworking industries.

    These products are:
    • RD CLEAN - Water base - neutral.
    • RD CLEAN - Water base - alkaline.
    • RD KLEEN - Base bio-degradable non-toxic solvents.
    • RD KLEEN - Solvent base compatible with R 134 A cooling gas.

  • Rust Preventive oils RD PROT

    R&D Lubricants supplies a complete line of Rust preventive and protective oils for the steel and metalworking industries. These products are formulated to inhibit rust in parts stored indoors or external environment, both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The product line also includes formulations totally free of Barium or Nitrite, resulting in environmentally friendly products that meet the most rigid specifications and regulations. The RD PROT anticorrosive fluid line is designed and formulated to meet the protection goals of the given application in the protection of short, medium or long term.

    RD PROT products:

    • Water base, multi-purpose type (i.e., forming and machining with subsequent protection).
    • Normal solvent base products, including totally non-toxic solvent base.
    • Synthetic base totally free of solvents or petroleum oils.
    • Specially designed to be compatible with R 134 A Freon gas.

  • Quenching Oils - RD TEMP

    The RD TEMP line is formulated with mineral oils selected to meet the requirements of normal or conventional quenching processes and also rapid or accelerated quenching of steels. They have optimal oxidation resistance, low tendency to form oxidized sludge, minimal evaporation loss and no toxic components. The products differ by viscosity and flash point.

    These are products that:

    • Have optimal oxidation resistance.
    • Low tendency to form oxidized sludge.
    • Minimum loss due to evaporation.
    • Long service life.
    • They do not have toxic components.
    • The RD TEMP line is water based products with better safety and for induction hardening or quenching processes.

  • Stamping and Drawing oils - RD DRAW

    The RD DRAW line is formulated with mineral oils, low aromatic carbon solvents, extreme pressure additives, synthetic esters, corrosion inhibitors and antioxidant additives. They are products recommended for use in a wide range of alloys, including steel in general and non-ferrous metals such as Copper, Brass and Aluminum and operations of light stamping to heavy duty stamping, especially recommended for stamping of automobile parts such as: car plates, doors, hoods, side panels, bumpers and conventional forming such as wire drawing, manufacture of nuts and steel bolts.

    The RD DRAW line is formulated with selected raw materials and surfactants to insure solubility in water, using special additives, synthetic esters, corrosion inhibitors and antioxidants, excellent for the conformation of Brass, Copper and Aluminum.

    These products are:

    • RD Draw => Light conformation/ Medium / Heavy and Extra heavy.
    • RD Draw EV => Aluminum Flange Configuration - Evaporative (Vanishing Oil)
    • RD Drawsol SI => Light conformation/ Medium / Heavy
    • RD Drawsol SI => Without Mineral Oil - Vegetable Base

  • Tube Forming Oils - RD TUBE

    The RD TUBE line is a product which emulsifies in water, specially formulated for the application in processes of forming ferrous or non-ferrous metal tubes. It works by depositing an oily film that inhibits corrosion in a high humidity environment during the periods of traffic and storage of finished pieces or in the manufacturing process. Protective periods that vary from three months to six months can be obtained, depending on the diluted concentration of the product in water and the storage conditions of the protected parts, and without the use of solvent-based additives.

    These products are:

    • RD Tube RP 12700 => Mineral - 120 days protection.
    • RD Tube RP 12815 => Semi S. - 180 days protection.
    • RD Tube M 2010 => Mineral - 30 days protection.
    • RD Tube M 2015 => Mineral - 60 days protection
    • RD Tube S 2018 => Semi S. - 120 days protection
    • RD Tube MX 3 => Semi S. - 6 months protection.

    These products offer:

    • Optimum protective film deposited on the tube surface.
    • Versatility in use. Period of variable protection according to the concentration of use.
    • No need to use solvent based protective oils after manufacturing.
    • Extra protection for galvanized steel alloys against white corrosion.
    • Very easy to degrease.

  • Wire Drawing Oils - Wire and Wire - RD WIRE

    The RD WIRE line are water emulsified products, specially formulated for the application in wire drawing or Copper and Aluminum wires. They are products of modern and advanced technology, recommended for the drawing of copper or aluminum wires, from thick wires to capillaries, or even, wire rod and primary aluminum wire drawing. Formulated with specially selected and balanced raw materials, it produces threads and wires of superior surface finish, without staining and with high detergency, which keeps the threads and machines extremely clean and free of copper soaps providing high lubricity and long life of the rows of wire drawing diamonds.

    These products are:

    • RD Wire AL 36 => Thin Aluminum wire.
    • RD Wire AL 83 => Medium to Thick Aluminum wires.
    • RD Wire 5000 => For (Propersi)Aluminum Rolling Mills.
    • RD Wire COB => For Thin / medium / thick Copper wires.

    They offer:

    • Optimal lubrication.
    • Minimum wear of the tooling.
    • Excellent detergency with excellent cleaning of the threads produced.
    • They maintain the machines extremely clean and with low formation of sludge or copper soaps.

    All products are very low foaming!

  • RD MOLD Mold Release Line

    The RD MOLD line is made up of synthetic products or solvents with special additives, being specially formulated for the application in casting processes of metals in general or reinforced concrete.

    These products are:

    • Synthetic concentrated release agents.
    • Non-toxic solvent base. High temperature.
    • Mineral oils base.

Industrial lubricants in general

  • RD LUB - Hydraulic Oil Line

    The RD LUB are formulated to be both hydraulic and lubricating oils, made with highly refined mineral oils. They meet the requirements of DIN 51.502, for general lubrication and HL, HLP, HLPD for hydraulic systems, operating at low and high pressure and also with detergent additives.

    All available in viscosity under ISO VG system - Viscosity Grade.

    These products are:

    • RD Lub L => AO + AE => Low pressure.
    • RD Lub LP => AO + AW + AE => Medium / High pressure.
    • RD Lub LPD => AO + AW + DT + AE => Medium / High pressure with detergent additives.


    • AO = Antioxidant Additive.
    • AE = Anti foam additive.
    • AW = Anti wear additive.
    • DT = Detergent additives.

    They present:

    • Optimal oxidation resistance.
    • Low foaming.
    • Optimum characteristic of lubricity and anti wear of the system components.
    • Low formation of varnish in the system valves.
    • Long service life.

  • RD FR - Hydraulic Oil - FIRE RESISTANT

    RD FR are fully synthetic Fire-Resistant hydraulic fluids. Formulations are free of, mineral oils, phosphate esters, chlorinated hydrocarbons or water. They are fluids developed to be chemically stable when operating in hydraulic systems in which the service conditions are considered as severe and dangerous for conventional hydraulic fluid.

    RD FR-S is a fire-resistant hydraulic fluid of the Water Glycol type, specially developed and recommended to operate in the modern hydraulic systems currently present in the most diverse industrial equipment and processes. Containing in its formula an amount of water more than is sufficient to prevent the spread of fire; This product guarantees total safety in cases of rupture of the pipes or hoses of the hydraulic systems that operate near a source of heat or fire.

    These products are:


    They offer:

    • Excellent fire resistance.
    • Suitable for working in medium / high pressure systems.
    • Excellent oxidation resistance.
    • Excellent viscosity stability in use.
    • Low oxidation residue formation.
    • Reduce insurance payments for fire risk in industrial facilities.

  • RD GEAR Line of Oils for Gearboxes

    The RD GEAR line is made up of gear lubricants and reducers, made with extreme pressure additives and highly refined basic oils. They have specific additives that meet the DIN 51,502 specification in the CL and HL grades and provide AGMA 3 EP up to 8 EP in the respective viscosities for the lubrication of industrial gearboxes, reducers where lubricants with "Extreme Pressure" additives are required.

    These products are:

    • RD GEAR - Available in viscosity under ISO VG Viscosity Grade system.

  • RD WAY Oils for Guide and Bar Lubrication

    The RD WAY line are lubricant products for Guides and Barriers. It is formulated with non-dripping lubricating oils. They meet the DIN 51020 specification in the CGLP grades, having Extreme Pressure and Adhesive additives, specific for the lubrication of guides and barriers of operating machines in general, textiles, packaging, food, presses, lathes, bath lubricated or total loss.

    These products are:

    • RD WAY - Available in viscosity under ISO VG Viscosity Grade system.

  • RD GREASE Special Grease Line

    Synthetic and conventional greases of wide spectrum of application, developed to meet all lubrication demands such as: high loads, extreme temperatures, elastomer compatibility, resistance to chemical agents, protection against oxidation and corrosion, in addition to providing adequate consistency for centralized systems of lubrication. Its good pumpability, even at low temperatures, allows its use with distribution devices.

    These products are:

    • RD Grease EP Li => “EP” - Lithium Soap.
    • RD Grease MP => Lithium - General use.
    • RD Grease HT => Use High Temperatures.
    • RD Grease WP=>Water Proof Grease