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The R&D Lubricants superiority

R&D Lubricants is well known for the innovative technology in Steel Lubricants and metal machining technology and you can be sure of having a respected and competent partner who produces and markets products that meet all your requirements in the use of lubricants for metal transformation processes and industrial lubrication in general. This reputation is based on the ability to identify, anticipate and meet the needs of customers with innovative high-performance solutions, with the recommendation of specific products and world-class services.

In R&D Lubricants, we have the technology and experience to meet the needs of the vast majority of operations involving the transformation of metals in various industrial segments of this nature. (Steel or Metalworking).

Reducing your overall costs:

We have a Case Studies with data and reports on the generation of cost reduction in a variety of Steel mills and metalworking industries. For most manufacturers, lubricants and process oils represent a component of the overall cost considered to be relatively small, but they can have a dramatic impact on many other cost considerations.

Our specialists analyze the costs directly affected by lubricants and other process cost, looking for the smallest total cost applied. Tool life, quality of the machined part and discard of the fluid, wear of lubricated parts and other variables connected to the lubrication, are some of the most common areas where you can obtain the greatest cost reductions through the use of Machining fluids and R&D lubricants.