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“Quality and innovation in Specialty lubricants for the steel and metalworking industries”

We are a global leader in Steel Mill Rolling oil and Metalworking Lubricant technologies. We have developed unique technologies which outperform the current conventional emulsion technologies. Our innovative ADT (Advanced Dispersion Technology) and AST (Advanced Soluble Technology) in combination with our years of application experience helps our customers achieve a Return on Investment not possible with current technologies in the Market today!

We have been characterized by rapid progress, continuous growth and the advances we have had since our foundation. These positive results have been a direct result of a teamwork which is focused on the improvement of the processes that are carried out inside and outside of the company.

Our commitment is to provide the necessary and timely attention to each of our customers, developing a culture that fosters the efficiency of our staff, thus recognizing the values of each of our distributors.

We manufacture products with the highest standards to guarantee excellent performance in their respective applications.

We have in house, certified scientists for the development of lubricant specialties in the Steel and Metalworking industries.

We have a partnership with GUZMÁN TECHNOLOGIES INC. developers of SDT and ADT (Cold Rolling Technology), which is currently used widely in several countries around the world in the steel industry such as AHMSA(Mexico), TERNIUM(Mexico), AMEROC, SIDOR(Venezuela), CSN(Brazil), USS/POSCO (USA) AND POSCO MILLS (KOREA).

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