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"Quality and innovation in Lubricants for the steel and mechanical metal industry"

We are a leading global supplier of ester base oils and performance additives for lubricants. Our combination of innovative solutions and application experience helps our customers improve fuel economy, reduce emissions, extend oil drain intervals, improve durability and increase productivity to meet current and future performance needs.

We have been characterized by the rapid progress, the continuous growth and the progress that it has had since its foundation, these positive results have been a direct response of a team work focused on the improvement of the processes that are carried out inside and outside of the company.

Our commitment is to provide the necessary and timely attention to each of our clients, developing a culture that fosters the efficiency of our staff, thus recognizing the values of each of our distributors.

We produce products with the highest standards to guarantee their good development in their different applications.

We have the support of certified scientists for the development of specialties, mainly in tribology and materials physics.

We have the backing of GUZMÁN TECHNOLOGIES technology, which is currently applied in several countries around the world in the steel industry such as AHMSA, TERNIUM, AMEROC, SIDOR, CSN AND UNION STEEL (KOREA).

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