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Chemical Management Service

This is a plan for the preservation and maintenance of Steel Mill lubricants and machining fluids in centralized systems and / or reservoirs in individual machines. They are very effective for saving products and expenses in lubricants and fluids.

Chemical management systems play a vital role in the lubricant market today. They provide better chemical performance, labor savings, greater employee safety and ecological responsibility.

Better chemical performance:

  • Proper systematic product additions ensures that the product works as designed.

Job Savings:

  • It considerably reduces the time required for the employee to prepare solutions.
  • Eliminates the additional work required to compensate for solutions that are too weak, as well as the work of restoring damaged areas.

Greater employee safety:

  • It eliminates unnecessary efforts and makes work more efficient and increases safety for employees.

Ecological Responsibility:

  • Proper management can reduce sewage discharge.
  • Concentrated chemicals for optimal handling.

It includes the monitoring of the fluids used, analysis data processing, process improvements and discard reduction. We work with the client to control, identify and implement initiatives and plans to reduce costs and introduce best practices and appropriate products in all their processes, optimizing their use, generating cost reductions and excellent return on investments.

Advantages of the management service:

  • Reductions in total operational costs.
  • Access to the evolutions in the area of process lubricants.
  • Total chemical management.
  • Constant initiatives for continuous improvement in processes and in the use of products.
  • Obtaining quality and cost reduction goals.
  • Reduction of the discard of lubricants and chemical products.
  • Maximum control and maintenance of machining fluids and machine tanks.
  • Complete management of operational data of the fluids in service.
  • Association remains committed to obtaining the performance goals proposed by its company to achieve constant savings and cost reduction.