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Steel Industry

Lubricants used in steel production must perform effectively 24 hours a day and under severe contamination and operating conditions. We have developed specialty cold rolling lubricants for the steel industry which meets highest quality  requirements while lowering operation costs by lowering roll forces, mill loads, and increasing output by increase speeds and running lower gauges.  Our SDT and ADT rolling oil technology has constantly outperform the emulsion technology currently on the market reducing oil consumption in many cases up to 30%.

Our experts know the requirements of all types of steel mills, cold mills, hot mills, temper mills and continuous casting. After conducting a mill survey, they will personally advise and select the correct lubricant for your application. In addition to our current full range of products, we also continually develop new product to solve difficult mill problems, bringing technical innovations from the beginning.

Brief summary of the advantages you can obtain with RD lubricating programs:

  • Greater plant availability and longer life of tooling and equipment
  • Lower lubricant consumption and cleaner workplace
  • Improvement of plant productivity to increase profits
  • Documented energy saving savings and longer life of our lubricants

Brief summary of the advantages you can expect with our cold mill rolling oils:

  • Able to run the hardest new automobile alloys without Flex system
  • Lower lubricant consumption and cleaner mill and workplace
  • Improvement of plant efficiency to increase profits
  • Lower roll forces and increase mill speeds
  • Energy saving certification with our lubricants
  • Greater plant availability and longer work roll life"

Rolling oils for all types of Cold Rolling Mills


    RD ADT (Advanced Dispersion Technology) cold rolling oils, are cold-rolling recirculating oils designed to provide optimum, continuous and uniform lubrication for cold reduction mills that run the hardest alloys and lightest gauges. Our oils are made with the finest natural and synthetic esters and additives. ADT Technology has allowed us to develop our newest ONE-OIL TECHNOLOGY capable of running all mill grades from heavy gauges to tin gauges with the same oil. ADT provides at the same time, rapid plate out for lower rolling forces, lower tensions and loads with unsurpassed strip reflectivity off the mill and annealing.

    The dispersion characteristics of RD ADT product technology disperse dirt, iron fines and rolling debris the surface of the strip. These dispersing properties also have the ability to trap dirt and iron fines and carries them to the dirty tank, where they float and can be easily removed by skimming.

Hot mill Rolling oils

  • RD 100 HM

    RD 100 HM products are semisynthetic lubricants new generation Hot Mills, specially formulated to be dispersible in water and designed for use in a multitude of applications of hot mills, such as: hot strip mills, bar mills , structural mills, tube mills, etc., where the demand for lubrication is great. This technology has been used in very severe applications, such as the rolling of stainless steel providing a substantial reduction in roll forces and friction and reducing the wear of the work rolls. The outstanding lubrication of our hot mill oils, provide a substantial improvement in the quality of the material surface, as well as energy saving by lowering the forces or pressures in the deformation process and increasing production. As a consequence rolling programs are increased and intermediate roll changes eliminated in many cases.

    RD 100 HM is applied by forming a mechanical dispersion in the water by use of supplemental headers that is directly applied to the work rolls or where the lubrication is needed. Lubrication can be controlled by the concentration of oil in the amount of water as needed to accomplish the task. Due to the polar characteristics of the oil, the oil plates out quickly on the surface of the work rolls just before the roll bite for optimum lubrication providing the benefits described.

Temper Mill Coolants for temper mills and in-line Skin Pass mills

  • RD 9000

    The RD 9000 temper mill series are water soluble products used in the wet tempering of automotive steel, they are formulated with surfactants and lubricant additives designed to maximum detergency at the roll bite. This chemical mixture helps minimize dirt defects in the finished product, aids in the removal of amorphous carbon formed in the annealing process, thus producing a cleaner steel strip, and provides a balanced lubrication package for a wide range of steel substrates.

  • RD 5000-SP SERIES

    The RD 5000-SP line are specially formulated water-based products, designed to be used in Skin Pass mills requiring minimal elongation and high detergency to prevent accumulation and Zinc adhesions on the rolls after the galvanizing process. Products recommended for Galvalume, Galvanneal and regular galvanizing process.

  • RD H 5000 AE

    The product line RD H 5000 AE are water based lubricants designed for the most demanding lubrication needs found in the wet tempering of electrical steel and other difficult alloys. It is specially formulated with the highest quality raw materials for optimal and predictable performance. These products can produce with relative ease elongations of up to 7.5% in concentrations of 3-8%. For minor elongations, this product can be used from 3 to 4%.

Continuous Casting Lubricants


    HEATLUBE PBQ-100 lubricant series for continuous casting are produced with the highest quality raw materials containing highly refined oils without any petroleum base components to avoid carbon generation on the walls of molds. HEATLUBE series products offer consistent lubricating performance for the most critical surfaces such as SBQ (special Bar Quality) and others at a most economical cost.

    The HEATLUBE PBQ-100 continuous casting lubricant has been specifically formulated to provide optimum mold lubrication for continuous casting, guaranteeing excellent surface the quality of the product.

    Special care has been taken in the design of the HEATLUBE PBQ-100 to minimize varnishing of the mold surfaces.

    HEATLUBE PBQ-100 has been formulated to minimize smoke generation and maintain its viscosity at low temperatures.

Electrolytic detergents, alkaline, for Cleaning lines, electrolytic and Galvanizing Lines


    The products of the RD CLEAN line are composed of highly alkaline concentrated liquids designed for use in continuous electrolytic and non-electrolytic sheet cleaning lines. They are specifically formulated to remove sludge and oils from sheet surfaces in a short contact time and prevent the re-deposition of waste. RD CLEAN does not contain phosphates and therefore there is no problem associated with waste disposal and discharge.

Corrosion inhibitors, acid inhibitors, protective oils, for pickling lines


    The RD rust preventives are hydrocarbon and solvent-based corrosion preventive oils, designed to give protection against rust in indoor and outdoor environments. These products are designed for use with automotive grade steel providing long storage periods, they are easily removed for subsequent welding and painting. In addition, our oils serve as an edge sealer for automotive grade steel coils. This edge sealing property provide long lasting interior protection and long exterior protection.

  • RD INHIB 98

    The RD INHIB 98 product line are pickle acid inhibitors for Hydrochloric Acid pickling lines designed for use in both batch and continuous pickling of ferrous metals. RD INHIB 98 will provide minimum loss of base metal, good surface brightness and fast and controlled pickling rate. Concentration of RD INHIB 98 can be determined in the concentrated acid as well as in the working tanks.

    RD INHIB 98 is a chemical formulated with complex organic components that offers the following benefits:

    • Reduces acid consumption.
    • High performance.
    • Reduces metal loss.
    • Improves the surface quality of steel, inhibiting the formation of dark spots.
    • Allows high speeds of pickling lines.
    • Safe for users.
    • It is not toxic.

Roll Grinding Coolants

  • RD 500 Plus

    RD 500 PLUS series products are water based coolants for roll grinding applicatios. These fluids are a significant improvement over the traditionally used sodium ethanolamine-Nitrite products.

    Main Benefits:

    1.Lubricity: Lubricity is superior to typical roll grinding products

    2.Elimination of potential nitrosamine forming materials. To eliminate a possible cause of nitrosamine formation. Rollgrind RD series Coolants do not contain the combination of nitrite and ethanolamines.

    3.Oxidation protection: comprehensive tests show that Rollgrind RD 500 series fluids are significantly superior to traditional grinding products with respect to corrosion protection.

    4. Detergency: The high detergency of these products effectively cleans metal surfaces and disperses iron fines and debris.

    5. Rollgrind RD 500 is formulated to contain ingredients that reject tramp oils and effectively control bacteria and fungi growth.