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Economize by using soluble R&D Lubricants machining fluids

The soluble fluids produced by R&D Lubricants, offer significant advantages in their use in any machining process, which translate into:

  • Low replacement costs with long life fluids in the tanks.
  • Significant reduction in the volume of fluid used for effluent treatment and, consequently, reduction in costs related to treatment and disposal.
  • Reduction of the downtime of the machines due to the smaller frequency of increase of maintenance additives and also to the smallest frequency of change of the fluids for renovation of the cooling baths.
  • Increased tool life due to the superior lubricity inherent in the technology used in the formulas.
  • Reduction of machine wear, not forming stains, protecting against corrosion and preventing the formation of scabs and sludge or other damage caused by the use of low quality fluids.
  • Reduction of rejections, conferring an exceptional finish to the machined parts, keeping them clean, without stains or any type of corrosion.
  • Reduction in reprocessing levels caused by machining fluid in subsequent operations.